No “Royal Treatment” for American Moms

As the world is on “Royal Baby Watch,” Jill Filipovic wrote a fantastic article about the world most American mothers are living in…and it’s not full of customized carriages, “bump watches”, and 52 weeks of paid maternity leave. Take a moment to read “Kate Middleton’s baby and the American way of birth.” Our Moms need support and it’s up to us to change this sobering reality.

“The United States is the most expensive country in the world in which to have a baby. Even with insurance, you could be looking at a $40,000 bill – chump change for a princess, perhaps, but 80% of the median American household income. Yet, as already noted, babies and mothers die here at astounding rates, far higher than in economically comparable nations….


… Women who don’t meet the mothering ideal – women whose most important and demanding job is their paying one, women who don’t have husbands, women who can’t sacrifice everything because there is no “everything” to sacrifice – are invisible in the cultural discourse and vilified in the political one. And so, our social policies are set to serve the mythical perfect mother, leaving real, flawed, complicated families to fend for themselves and cobble together individual solutions to broad cultural and political problems.”